The Fundamental Symbols Utilized in Magick and Summoning Spirits or Entities


This can be a fast overview of the symbols utilized in magick, these are solely the fundamental few because the variety of symbols and meanings is sort of infinite. There are nevertheless many books out there on the topic. What I current earlier than you right here at present is to offer the newbie a spot to start out in understanding the symbolism utilized in magick and it is goal. I additionally embody a short meditation as a bonus for anybody all for advancing his or her trance or meditative state.

The Circle might be the oldest identified image, ever since some one appeared up on the solar and determined to attract it within the filth with a stick in a single movement. The circle represents the female vitality within the Hindu, Buddhist and plenty of different cultures. It’s a illustration of boundary. It additionally means cycle or completion, creation and manifestation. It represents the infinite is usually drawn because the Orebro’s.

round Pomatum

The Circum Punctum, a prehistoric image is a dot inside a circle. This image represents consciousness, the common in addition to your personal. In Native American tradition this represents spirit. In Kabala it’s Keter essentially the most hidden of all hidden issues, it’s the crown of the Sephirot (spheres) of the tree of life. In Freemasonry it’s the image of the entered Apprentice and emotional restraint. In Alchemy this image represents gold and the solar. In lots of cultures it is a image for the solar and photo voltaic deity.

It’s finally the image for creation the dot within the heart is the supply of the whole lot the circle exterior is the enlargement of progress. This can be a mirror of the origin of the universe and our personal improvement spiritually. The Hindus consider the dot is the masculine vitality and this image is the unity of opposites male/feminine and sexual union. The alchemical image for gold the alchemical hermaphrodite, union of polar opposites, coincidence? Not in Magick.

The Photo voltaic Cross

One other prehistoric image is the Photo voltaic Cross. This image additionally Appears to be throughout Many cultures universally. It Represents the spirits of the 4 corners, the 4 phases of the 12 months, the 4 components, The Equinox and the solstice. The image maintains its meanings throughout all cultures that use it.

The vertical line represents the masculine it additionally represents the axis mundi that the constellations revolve round. The connection between human and divine celestial and terrestrial.

The Horizontal line represents the female, Time (starting to finish) delivery to dying.

Circle Divided Horizontally: Within the Greek alphabet this represents the letter theta. In Alchemy this represents salt and materials existence. Represented the solar in Chineese calligraphy. A extra fashionable which means is (STOP). This can be a image for absolute time.

Circle Divided Vertically: That is the Alchemical image for Saltpeter. It represents the forwards and backwards between non secular planes.

The Triangle

The Easy Triangle one other historic image representing any sort of trinity (Isis, Osiris, and Horus) Pointing up it is male (fireplace)(pressure rising upward)pointing down feminine (water)(flowing down). Symbolizes the spirit world, manifestation, stability, the union of female and male to make a brand new factor just like the image of the suitable triangle. The sum of the squares of the legs is the same as the sq. of the hypotenuse. The

Triangle of the Divine Little one

The Sq.

The sq. represents the 4 phases of life, delivery, childhood, maturity, and dying. The sq. additionally symbolizes nearly every little thing you possibly can group into fours. Parts, instructions, seasons, and so forth. It represents the everlasting, residence, group, safety, and equality. The grounding of vitality or a spot to floor vitality.

The Pentagram

The golden ratio, φ = (1 + √5) / 2 ≈ 1.618 the trail of the planet Venus as noticed from Earth is named the Venus pentagram. It represents the 5 corners the place the seeds of Chronos are positioned within the earth so it represents the cosmos, time and manifestation.

The 5 dimensions of actuality the three spatial time, and thought. The 5 platonic components Earth, Air, Fireplace, Water, and Ether. It represents the ascent of spirit from matter. We’ll use the pentagram clockwise to ship vitality out into the universe throughout ritual and counter clockwise to take away vitality or spirits.

An inverted pentagram represents the descent of spirit into matter in accordance with Crowley. Though some have given it an evil connotation such because the triumph of matter over spirit. From Eliphas Levi. We’ll use the inverted pentagram drawn counter clockwise for banishing spirits forcefully. We’ll use the inverted pentagram clockwise for the needs of invocation and evocation.

The Hexagram

The six level star the hexagram – It’s the image for the theosophical society. Referred to as the Talisman of Saturn, once more we see the union of opposites as the 2 triangles come collectively. Additionally a logo for summoning and banishing spirits. All of the angles are 60 levels to make up 180 in every. All of the angles divide right into a full circle (360 levels) 6 instances.

Chronos the Greek god of time, who’s the offspring of Uranus and Gaia, is related to the planet Saturn and within the Rosicrucian system the star represents the planets 6 within the angles and the seventh within the heart or eye.

I now embody the meditation as a bonus to this text:

This can be a meditation I gave to a buddy to check out. It really works nicely for me, it may for you too.

Shut your eyes and Think about your self floating in house you see all the celebrities and the earth spinning in entrance of you then the moon comes passing by on it is orbit because the solar peeks across the earth to start out the day.

You are feeling the nice and cozy rays penetrate the highest of your head, warming enjoyable and tingling barely. The rays slowly creep down your head enjoyable all of the muscle tissues in your jaw and neck, then the rays wash over your shoulders and down your again and over your chest.

The nice and cozy calming rays boring all ache and loosen up all pressure inflicting your physique to launch lastly, all of the stresses that had constructed up through the years making you be at liberty and launched from all burden.

The rays transfer down your stomach and thru your decrease again releasing all the stress and turning gelatinous, then the pelvis, the thighs, over the knees down the shins and calves releasing all the stress within the ankles turning the ankles to rubber. you are feeling your complete physique begin to slowly develop into liquid. the liquid drifts aside all of your molecules begin to separate and drift aside.

You are feeling the suns heat rays evaporating the water that was once your physique. you begin to dissipate and all that is left is your consciousness floating in house. then say to your self I’m now in a deep meditative state the place I can successfully work on a psychic and astral degree all I’ve to do to get again to this degree is to think about the nice and cozy solar evaporating me into house.

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