Struggle Technique For Hungerfen and Ghaz’an within the Underbog in World of Warcraft


The Underbog is the second cases in Coilfang Reservoir. It has 4 bosses, whole. Right here is the technique to beat the primary and second boss.


The primary boss is Hungarfen. He has two talents, and so they contain bathroom mushrooms. One spawns a mushroom that does 360 harm each two seconds and might stack as much as 5 occasions. You could transfer out of this when it spawns. The second is Foul Spores, which is an AOE poison cloud that does 400-600 poison harm each second. It additionally heals Hungarfen for 4 occasions that quantity.

The trick to this combat is to have the tank transfer him out of the mushrooms till 20%, then transfer away throughout Foul Spores. Hungerfen won’t transfer so he will be unable to heal himself. If you happen to keep within the spore cloud he’ll heal himself and make it very onerous to kill him.

Then, the tank can agro him when the spell is over.


The second boss in slave pens is Ghaz’an. This combat is easy if finished proper. He has three talents to be careful for. His Acid Spit does 2000 nature harm to these in entrance of him. His Acid Breath stacks as much as 5 occasions and does 2000 nature harm and 155 further harm over 5 seconds. His Tail Swipe does a knock again and inflicts harm.

Have the tank aggro the hydra and drag him down the ramp. The tank ought to maintain him towards the wall as a result of Ghaz’an’s knockback can throw the tank off the platform and into the water under. This may end in a raid wipe. The raid’s DPS ought to both stand again down the corridor, out of melee vary, or do melee whereas standing at his stomach to keep away from the tail swipe. To study extra about World of Warcraft attempt studying the Crew Idemise Information.

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