Sei He Ki: Reiki Psychological and Emotional Therapeutic Image Defined


Reiki symbols are principally phrases from Japanese language that play an vital position in Reiki apply. These symbols are utilized by superior Reiki practitioners and might help in focusing or channeling the Reiki energies. The symbols might be activated both by visualizing them mentally, drawing the image with the palm of your hand, talking the identify of the image out loud, or just invoking it in your thoughts. The three main symbols utilized in conventional Reiki are Cho Ku Rei (energy image), Sei He Ki (psychological or emotional therapeutic image) and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (distance therapeutic image).

Which means of Sei He Ki or the Reiki psychological / emotional therapeutic image

The identify Sei He Ki means The earth and sky meet or God and Man turn out to be one.

This image acts on an individual’s aware thoughts (the psychological physique) and unconscious thoughts (emotional physique), and is used primarily for emotional and psychological therapeutic, clearing, purification, safety and balancing. Generally it is also known as the Safety Image, due to the position it performs in offering safety.

Most of our illnesses are attributable to psychological and emotional imbalance in our our bodies. Using the emotional therapeutic image helps in bringing the issue to the floor and liberates emotional and psychological points that trigger the issue. This image additionally aids in balancing the left and proper aspect of the mind and promotes peace and concord. It may be used to attract light and refined energies required to ease the sentiments of sorrow or struggling.

How one can use the Reiki emotional / psychological image

Completely different practitioners use this image in several methods. For instance, the practitioner attracts the Cho Ku Rei (the facility image) to create a reference to the Reiki power supply. Sei He Ki is then drawn over the troubled space the place the Reiki energies are required. The energies are sealed by drawing the facility image or Cho Ku Rei once more. This sustains the impact of Sei He Ki for an extended time.

Enhance reminiscence energy

Sei He Ki is useful in enhancing your reminiscence. Drawing this Reiki image on pages of your e book, might help you memorize the content material whereas studying or learning. Visualizing the image on high of your head might help you bear in mind issues that you simply may need forgotten; corresponding to your keys, the identify of an individual, and a solution for the take a look at, or absolutely anything else.

This works due to the connections this image makes in and between the 2 hemispheres of the mind.

Do away with dangerous habits

The psychological and emotional image aids in restoring emotional and psychological steadiness in an individual’s physique and promotes deep therapeutic. Using this Reiki image helps in eliminating undesirable or dangerous habits such alcoholism, smoking cigarettes or overeating. Visualizing or drawing this Reiki image round you helps in altering your unfavorable beliefs, unfavorable parental or social conditioning and makes you a extra optimistic particular person.

Enhance relationships

Drawing Sei He Ki round your environment and the folks concerned in a troubled relationship can convey in regards to the knowledge and energy to type out issues amicably. Utilizing this Reiki image will assist convey relationship issues to the floor and make you deal with them efficiently.

Empowers your affirmations

Affirmations are highly effective instruments that may play an important position in serving to you to realize your aim efficiently. The psychological image works within the unconscious thoughts, repeating the identify of this image mentally might help in empowerment of your affirmations and allow you to accomplish your aim. For those who write down affirmations, draw the image on the paper as effectively.

Private bodyguard

Drawing Sei He Ki round you helps defending you from the unfavorable vibrations and permitting solely the optimistic energies to succeed in you. As talked about, it’s in any other case known as the safety image, and will also be used as protecting protect throughout purification ceremonies to assist in eradicating unfavorable power from the bodily physique or from the aura.

In medical settings, this image tends to work as an “antiseptic ointment”, when used earlier than, throughout or after an operation or surgical procedure.

Dissipates complications

Sei He Ki is used to heal emotional points that may trigger bodily issues too. Through the use of this Reiki image, yow will discover a option to heal your complications induced due any psychological or emotional instability. It may be a superb resolution that can assist you remedy your complications naturally, with out having to take any form of medicines (bear in mind to drink numerous water too, as many complications are attributable to dehydration).

Helps to search out misplaced objects

Drawing the Reiki psychological and emotional image within the entrance of you and asking for help to find misplaced objects will allow you to both discover the objects or provide you with means to suppose and bear in mind the situation at which you saved it within the first place.


This image teaches us in regards to the synchronization or concord of issues in nature. It teaches subconsciously in regards to the rhythmic cycle of nature, the necessity of adaptability in the direction of modifications and understanding the significance of non attachment. It helps making a person acquire extra optimistic outlook of life and serving to them keep comfortable all through their life.

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