Power Myths


Duct Tape – Delusion: Duct tape is sweet for sealing heating ducts. In actuality, sealing ducts with mastic or metallic tape is the reply as a result of the warmth from the ducts dries out the duct tape and it will definitely stops adhering to the ducts.

Lights, Computer systems, Home equipment – Delusion: Depart them on and you’ll use much less vitality than if you happen to repeatedly flip them on and off. The small energy surge created when turning on lights, computer systems, and home equipment takes much less vitality lower than while you run the gadget when it isn’t wanted. After all, use energy administration software program to your pc and switch lights off while you go away the room.

Florescent Lights – Delusion: Florescent Lighting is unhealthy – Claims that fluorescent lights “sapping folks’s vitality” has no benefit. Right this moment’s lights have improved coloration high quality and flickering and hum have been eradicated.

Fridge Coils – Delusion: Cleansing Fridge Coils Saves Power- generally this has no measurable impact on vitality conservation.

Home equipment – Delusion: Home equipment which can be turned “off” are really “off”. There are a variety of gadgets that typically eat as a lot energy “off” as when they’re “on”. Merchandise similar to computer systems, VCR’s, telephone chargers and so forth. can’t be fully turned off until they’re unplugged. These merchandise use “standby” energy 24 hours a day.

Home windows & Doorways – Delusion: Putting in new home windows will dramatically scale back your vitality prices. Home windows and doorways are much less of an air leakage downside than most individuals consider. Most present houses have hidden air leaks within the ground, ceiling and wall cavities that far overshadow the leaks round home windows and doorways. The exceptions to this generalization are previous home windows or doorways which can be falling other than neglect or are poorly put in. Distinction this to sealing the provision and return registers of a heat air heating system or insulating partitions with dense-pack cellulose which frequently reduces air leakage by 15-30%

Boilers & Furnaces – Delusion: When changing previous items, set up a tool that has extra capability in an effort to save vitality and acquire faster outcomes. Newer Power Star gadgets are far more environment friendly. Many instances the brand new items are outsized for the appliance. So when buying an Power Star gadget, take into account buying a smaller one.

Air Conditioners – Delusion: Shopping for a much bigger room air con unit will make you’re feeling extra comfy. A room air conditioner that’s too massive for the realm it’s supposed to chill will carry out much less effectively and fewer successfully than a correctly sized unit. It is because room items work higher in the event that they run for comparatively lengthy durations of time than if they’re frequently switching on and off. Longer run instances enable air conditioners to keep up a extra fixed room temperature. Air conditioners that bear the Power Star label could also be twice as environment friendly as some present programs.

R-Worth – Delusion: All insulation supplies of the identical R-Worth carry out equally. Whereas insulations of equal R-Worth carry out the identical within the managed situations of a laboratory, they don’t all preserve the identical R-Worth within the partitions and ceilings of a house. Some “off-gas” over time thus they diminish in thickness and effectivity. If there are air gaps between the insulation and different constructing supplies, the efficient R-Worth of the insulation could be decreased by as a lot as 50% from the utmost R-Worth rated on a product.

Halogen Lighting – Delusion: Halogen lighting is super-efficient. Whereas halogen lights use barely much less vitality than normal incandescent bulbs, many halogens require transformers that may use additional vitality, even when the sunshine is off. Additionally they are inclined to generate a substantial amount of warmth, which can add to the cooling load of the house throughout sizzling climate. Halogens can even pose a severe hearth hazard. By comparability, compact fluorescent lights are practically 3 instances as environment friendly.

Electrical Effectivity – Delusion: Power effectivity and vitality conservation are one in the identical. Power effectivity means getting the identical job completed whereas utilizing much less vitality. Then again, vitality conservation means lowering the extent of providers similar to lowering lighting, lowering the temperature of your water heater settings and so forth.

Electrical heating – Delusion: Electrical heating is extra environment friendly than fuel-based heating. Whereas virtually a lot of the electrical energy that goes into an electrical heater is remodeled to helpful warmth, producing the electrical energy is an inefficient course of. As a lot as two-thirds of the enter vitality to generate electrical energy is misplaced within the course of. This is the reason electrical energy is often far more costly for the patron than direct fuels.

Peter Ottowitz, Licensed Grasp Inspector, New World Dwelling Inspections and Power Audits

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