Lord Shiva: The Pioneer of Disruptive Innovation


“Could the weather of creation abide inside me in perfection.

Could the best that may be that on the earth be created by me, by us, by all residing beings.

I honor this divine potential manifested by Shiva for common profit.”

– (Panchakshri Mantra.)

Time is a superb transformational software that experiences our 4 levels of life and defines our full lifetime in a boundless, cosmic platform. Time is everlasting, created from the breath of a divine power nourishing the cosmos. We now have seen ourselves even nature getting used as small instruments in fingers of Everlasting time. Be these blazing tremors, sweeping tsunami, crawling sensations of earthquake or fury of a volcano we’ve got witnessed all these pure disasters carry out on the earth.

Mythology affirms that God is past time, kind, area, sound and holds the facility to create or destroy time and universe in a fraction of seconds.

God Shiva is the lord of eternity, lively commanding the powers of destruction and transformational creation. He’s seen in his large avatar of Rudra, as a damaging type of almighty, destroying every thing into nothing. Shiva has executed such destruction innumerable occasions in numerous methods – refined or harsh, however nonetheless as he recreates the world completely we’re by no means in a position to perceive if he destroyed or recreated? He performs the position of a goldsmith dissolving the prevailing jewelry to recreate purer gold that can be utilized to create one other adornment with beautiful design and precision.

Shiva represents the upper self, the place one is willingly to transcend ahead and evolve to cosmic existence.

Shiv, in true sense is the primitive pioneer of evolutionary power and innovation.

Innovation is introducing new merchandise in market to face survival occasions. Not solely organizations however nations and continents are racing to construct a powerful innovation tradition that opens doorways of sustainable efficiency for them. Transferring forward, even people do innovate themselves by studying new abilities, growing persona, information, integrating innovation of their area to be extra acknowledged and profitable.

With greater than ten forms of innovation in market, disruptive innovation is an innovation that disrupts present association bringing in additional enhancements or value-added benefits to recreate higher. The traits are derived from person analysis course of focused at particular client base to offer a particular contour within the broad Disruptive innovation nomenclature.

Tandava is a vigorous type of Shiva’s dance which dissolves to recreate the method of creation, preservation, disruption and recreation within the universe. The software is image of life cycles which incorporates creating and destructing like each day rhythm of life and loss of life. That is the best way the Tandava software is ready to steadiness this perishable world. Tandava is Shiva’s highly effective software of disruption innovation for sustenance of latest creation.

Shiva’s crescent moon signifies we should always have an ideal thought course of with alertness in regards to the atmosphere round us. This high quality is of significance to innovators as they should have an entire information of market and be alert in the marketplace motion. Moon denotes that innovators ought to assume 100 occasions after which take a step ahead.

Shiva is seated on or draped in a tiger pores and skin in his meditative trance considering his subsequent inventive cycle. The tiger pores and skin represents excessive potential power within the wearer which is predicted to be a most necessary attribute of an innovator. The potential power of the innovator needs to be a significant facet driving all the innovation course of in a possible kind to overcome the intention.

Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Sergey Bin, Invoice Gates and lots of others who delivered what they imagined based mostly on their potential.

Kamandalu, a vessel containing nectar is at all times noticed on a floor subsequent to Shiva. This Kamandalu just isn’t fabricated from gold or silver however from a dry pumpkin equally innovators have to deal with use of pure assets, take care of atmosphere, preserve power and guarantee sustainability is a prime focus level when innovation is created.

Hour Glass Drum is mixture of two triangles separated by a skinny line construction. The drum often called damru supplies sound for the Tandava dance. The sound of drum is heard solely in deep meditation. For an innovator, this drum is a software for person analysis by which innovator must take heed to person’s wants, desire in deep consideration and empathy.

Flowing Ganga from Shiva’s copper-matted lengthy and sensuous tresses denotes exuberance, fertility and noble reason behind supporting life on earth. Innovation needs to be executed in high-spirits, liveliness and enthusiasm however philosophy of human welfare needs to be thought-about for well-being of people and society.

Snakes necklace and Rudrakshas represents regulation, order and justice that are the basics of any science, together with science of disruption. The innovation shouldn’t violate the well-being or concord within the atmosphere.

Trident represents motion, willpower, information the three important qualities for each disruptive innovator. The innovator ought to possess the capability to transform his concepts into motion with large willpower and professional information.

Nandi, his bull retains ready for Shiva to wake from meditation, listening to the cosmos. He removes ignorance; bequeath knowledge upon Shiva’s followers. That is how the innovator ought to educate; persuade customers in regards to the function of innovation and the way we mutually can progress with the invention.

His dance within the sizzling purple flames, rising from his tongue and left hand tells us every thing will probably be consumed over a time frame and therefore we have to sustain the tempo.

Lord Shiv and his Shiv-tattav (ideas), replica energy in actuality are additionally the weather of Disruptive innovation. As we join these unimaginable symbols, myths, cosmic instruments to the science of Disruption Innovation it’s clearly seen that the God of Destruction is the unique pioneer of Disruption Innovation.

“No matter are the origins of Shiv, as described within the sacred puranas and vedas, the inherent traits inside him and position performed within the cosmic exercise of universe, may be clearly thought-about to be an artwork or science of Disruption Innovation.”

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