Left-Hand Bass Elements


Do you know that Errol Garner, the jazz pianist, was left-handed? So, I obtained to fascinated by left-hand elements on the piano and the way a lot time I’ve invested in piano follow to enhance and strengthen my bass strains in music.

I’ve at all times been snug taking part in a melodic line with my proper hand however in terms of taking part in Alberti bass or Waltz bass, I appeared to want the additional follow, taking part in left hand notes individually till they have been polished after which including each arms collectively to listen to a extra balanced sound.

To realize this, let’s check out music and see how a composer will write concord elements in many alternative methods.

1. Block chords appear like all the notes are stacked collectively, like a snow- man, and also you play them collectively directly. You can see many blocked chords in your left hand in rock and roll and hymns, too.

2. Damaged chords are when the left-hand performs the notes of a chord however one after the other. You may strategy this by taking part in oom-pah rhythm or some say, boom-chick, like a repeated sample of a single word adopted by a chord. You’ll hear this in Ragtime in Scott Joplin music.

3. Arpeggiated chords make up notes of a chord which might be performed one after the other, like an arpeggio. They’re present in Classical piano music and Pop music.

4. Alberti bass is when the notes of every chord is performed beginning with the underside word, on to the highest word, center word after which as much as the highest word once more.

5. Waltz bass is the place the primary word of the chord is on the down beat, the primary beat of the measure and adopted by the opposite notes on beats 2 and three. It’s performed with a powerful beat in a 3/4 time signature. This ballad type permits your proper hand the liberty to tug out the melody line and simply let it stream.

That is the essential introduction to left-hand motion. Extra superior rhythmic patterns would come with off-beats, swing and sluggish jazz waltz, to call a couple of. Plus, there’s Latin rhythm to be taught, equivalent to Bossa Nova, Mambo Tango, Cha Cha, Rhumba and Samba.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re on, with lots of the left-hand elements listed above, you possibly can incorporate them into your music for rhythm follow.

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