Is Intelligence Contagious? Completely, However Let Me Clarify


Everyone knows that laziness is contagious – we additionally know that when individuals get collectively increasingly more of the individuals in that group turns into comparable. It appears the human species is ready to change itself and psychology to get together with others in giant teams, this has been confirmed. In actual fact, research have proven that folks in the identical group will turn out to be fatter or thinner, extra motivated or much less motivated, and even more healthy or much less wholesome.

Everyone knows that when teams of childbearing age ladies get collectively their menstrual cycles will slowly start to match up. Due to this fact, it appears that there’s a lot extra to the psychology and physiology of human teams, tribes, and societies. I would such as you to go to YouTube proper now and watch a really attention-grabbing video by Nicholas Christakis known as: “The hidden affect of social networks.”

Though he does not come out and say it, it seems to me that intelligence can be contagious. Despair, motivation, and even political persuasion all are inclined to gel collectively in teams. And it has typically been stated that any given particular person is the common of their 5 closest pals. And we all know that youngsters mimic their mother and father, with the identical mannerism, and sometimes comparable personalities. You do not have to be a childhood developmental psychologist to note this.

Because the coordinator for a assume tank on the Web I can inform you that intelligence actually is contagious, and that should you hold round sensible individuals, you’ll actually turn out to be extra clever your self. And should you hold round individuals who don’t worth intelligence, mental dialog, or deep considering, you’ll turn out to be much less clever. Though the “contagious intelligence idea” which I simply made up has not been confirmed by science, I consider it to be so.

In actual fact, contemplating the variety of observations and the expertise I’ve had with this I’d nearly say it is a foregone conclusion and reality. If you wish to turn out to be smarter, then it’s worthwhile to hold round sensible individuals, and have sensible pals. You could flip your thoughts again on and continually be considering, reasoning, and resolution offering. You could assume in new and attention-grabbing progressive ideas, and assume exterior the field. That’s if you wish to turn out to be extra clever.

It is best to have interaction in mental discourse, watch mental packages on tv (such because the Discovery Channel), and browse intellectually difficult books. I hope you’ll please contemplate all this.

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