Celtic Symbols and the Quantity Three


College students of Celtic tradition and mythology, in addition to individuals within the esoteric, mystical, sacred geometry and/or neopaganism, have usually seen that 3 is an particularly essential quantity in lots of traditions, the Celtic particularly. Some examples of this embody the shamrock, which is a three-leafed plant, the triple facet of historical gods and goddesses, and the traditional triple spiral image, also referred to as the triskele.

The thought of the Triple Goddess is very common in Wiccan and neopagan circles. Robert Graves helped to deliver this concept to the trendy world in his influential e book, The White Goddess. Graves, and lots of others to observe, illustrated the archetype of the Mom, Maiden and Crone because the triple points of the one Goddess.

Students have criticized the literal reality of Graves’ work, and whereas it undoubtedly has a poetic logic to it, it in all probability is oversimplified as an outline of historical Celtic symbolism or cosmology. Nonetheless, the Celts have all the time thought in threes, and this consists of their mythology. The goddess Brigit, in lots of tellings, isn’t one entity however three sisters -a poetess, a smith and a health care provider.

The shamrock is usually related to St. Patrick, and this image is prevalent on St. Patrick’s Day. This saint supposedly used the shamrock for instance the precept of the Trinity when bringing Christianity to Eire. Previous to this, the shamrock was held sacred by the druids, who might have related it with the Triple Goddess. Thus, the sacredness of three was maintained from the pagan to the Christian period in Celtic lands.

The Triskele, or triple spiral is an emblem present in very historical, even pre-Celtic websites within the British isles, reminiscent of Newgrange. With one thing like this, courting again to prehistory, it is laborious to say precisely what it meant –other than that individuals have held the quantity 3 as important for a really very long time.

As we speak, Celtic symbols are resurfacing within the type of artwork, jewellery and tattoos. Whereas not all of those illustrate the “energy of three,” for those who take discover you’ll in all probability discover a shocking prevalence of threes in Celtic pictures even now.

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