We Have Seen The Lord


This ebook opens our dulled eyes to the truth that God just isn’t a distant, summary idea however a proximate, reside presence, surrounding us and ready for us to open ourselves to Him. Now we have decreased God to an insipid idea that has little or no impact on us. Individuals, particularly the younger, are on the lookout for God however are disillusioned by the God offered to them by those that name themselves spiritual. God just isn’t summary, it’s we who’ve made him seem so.

The standard doctrine, we imagine in, is totally true in itself, however of not a lot use until we make it actually our personal in feeling and dwelling, in religion and enthusiasm and in our direct expertise. The communication of our religion and perception springs forth from what we really feel. If our expression is chilly, we are literally saying that our feeling is minimal. If that is so with us, then, we’re at risk of presenting Christianity as one thing drab and redundant and never the “Good Information” that it truly is. The Gospel is “Good Information”, and so, if it’s not information, it’s nothing. The Gospel ought to initially be Good Information to us and solely when it has turn into Good Information for us, can we share it as Good Information to others.

The writer diagnoses the rationale for the above talked about malaise to be a lack of contact: lack of the closeness, the expertise, the presence. We solely know by rumour. We discuss solely by coronary heart. We quote what was quoted by these whom it additionally had been quoted to. We find yourself with a mere custom handed in our lap. It hardly impacts us. The extra distant we’re from the unique details the extra we communicate and the much less we really feel. We develop extra eloquent as we’ve got much less and fewer to say. And so we might find yourself shedding monitor.

The early Christians have been ablaze with the expertise of God. The reception of the Holy Spirit was a tangible, shaking, remodeling and unforgettable expertise. Their expertise turned the premise of their religion. The testimony and lives of others attracted their consideration however didn’t outline their religion. Their private expertise was the focus of their Christian life. For us the approaching of the Spirit is as summary a reality as our being youngsters of God. All of it stays within the air for us.

The Church’s teachings are listened to with respect, and ignored with indifference. The Gospel is much from being a sensible rule of conduct for individuals or establishments. We are able to say that the Gospel has been preached in the entire world; however we can’t say that it has been accepted, a lot much less applied. Jesus is universally recognized and honored in his particular person, however just isn’t adopted in his doctrine.

The writer contends that we don’t come to the expertise of God as a result of we don’t count on it. We don’t open ourselves to his tangible and smart presence as a result of we imagine it’s not for us. We don’t obtain extraordinary items in prayer exactly as a result of we name them extraordinary and the very phrase from the beginning locations us, who’re extraordinary Christians, exterior the scope of what we name extraordinary graces. We don’t really feel God in his love and his presence as a result of we’ve got been taught that, that’s just for mystics, and never for us who’re unworthy of such privileges. We don’t obtain the Holy Spirit in tangible graces and visual items as a result of we imagine that for us it’s only to obtain him via religion and darkness in baptism and sacraments. We don’t take to the air as a result of we imagine we’ve got no wings. And we go on plodding our approach pedestrian style alongside the dusty street.

The writer expresses his hope that the Church will regain her unique and conventional calling to foster, count on and facilitate the non-public and direct expertise of God for all Christians. If she doesn’t, he foresees a lack of credibility, closeness and relevance.

The message of the ebook is clear and related. The writer seems to have taken the phenomenological standpoint. He’s addressing a state of affairs he sees round him. The pastoral overtone of the ebook is manifest all through. The language used is easy and simple. The brevity of the chapters helps focus the message and simplify gleaning it out. The ebook begs introspection and challenges us to make the transition from second-hand to first-hand religion. We can’t afford to go on dwelling a Christian life that’s devoid of non-public expertise, for our expertise is the supply of our proclamation.

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