ANSI Lumens – Discovering the Proper House Theater Projector


Some residence theater projectors have 700 ANSI Lumens, some projectors have 3000 ANSI Lumens…so what is the distinction and what number of are you going to wish in your residence theater? Anybody who’s shopping for a projector goes to ask the identical query. Extra Lumens is not all the time higher and there are a number of the reason why. Watch out, in case you spend extra money than you must, you is perhaps sad with the image and you will find yourself spending far more cash sooner or later on the identical projector that you just have been sad with within the first place.

* This is all the pieces you must learn about ANSI Lumens:

What does ANSI Lumens imply?

ANSI is an acronym for “American National Standards Institute”. A Lumen is a measurement of sunshine wave depth. Each projector that makes use of ANSI as a regular have been measured with the identical devices and is an correct show of what number of Lumens there actually are inside a house theater projector. For instance, projector “A” was measured in ANSI Lumens with ANSI devices and projector “B” was measured by the producers devices. Each projector’s declare to have 1000 Lumens however Its a protected guess to imagine that projector “A” truly has 1000 lumens whereas projector “B” may very well have solely 700 Lumens as a result of it wasn’t measured by the nationwide normal.

At all times purchase a projector measured in ANSI Lumens. That manner, you will know for certain you acquire the precise projector based mostly on what number of actual Lumens it has straight effecting the standard of the image in your house theater.

3 Causes Why Too Many ANSI Lumens might be dangerous:

Gentle Reflection: Should you’ve ever taken a laser pointer and pointed it at a white wall at nighttime, you will discover the intense pink dot on the wall. You will additionally discover that the pink dot is so vibrant that it creates a fuzzy gentle across the dot. The identical factor occurs when a house theater projector is just too vibrant. The image appears fuzzy as a result of the intense picture washes itself out with gentle.

If the picture is just too vibrant, it is going to in flip replicate gentle across the room and lightweight up the theater room. Now, not solely is the room too vibrant for a house theater, however the partitions of the room are going to replicate the sunshine again onto the projector display and wash out the picture much more.

Bulb Life: The extra the Lumens, the brighter the projector bulb. The brighter the bulb, the warmer the bulb will get. The warmer the bulb will get, the faster the bulb burns out. I do not learn about you, however spending $200 on a house theater projector bulb extra instances than I must is not going to make me very completely happy.

Price: Merely put, in case your going to purchase an costly projector with extra Lumens, then spend cash annually on a bulb as a result of the lamp will get too sizzling, your going to throw lots of of {dollars} out the window for no motive.

How Many ANSI Lumens do you want?

  • Low to No Ambient Lighting – 800 to 1200 ANSI Lumens: You probably have a totally darkish residence theater or when you have sufficient ambient gentle to see however not sufficient to learn a newspaper in your house theater room, all you want is a projector with greater than 800 Lumens, however not more than 1200 Lumens.
  • Low to Average Ambient Lighting – 1200 – 1800 ANSI Lumens: If you would like to observe your property theater projector with ambient lighting from the place you may barely learn a newspaper to sufficient to learn a ebook, you will want at the very least 1200 however not more than 1800 ANSI Lumens.
  • Average to Excessive Ambient Lighting – 2000 to 2800 ANSI Lumens: If your property theater is lit up with sufficient ambient gentle to see clearly, your going to wish at the very least 2000 Lumens to see the image. The image will appear washed out in case your projector display is white so it is strongly recommended to buy a darker display, equivalent to a silver display or a black diamond display.
  • Excessive Ambient Lighting to an Out of doors Theater – 2800 to 4000 ANSI Lumens: Should you plan on utilizing your projector outdoor or in a theater with home windows, exterior gentle or vibrant lighting, you’ll need a projector with at the very least 2800 ANSI Lumens and to be protected, some the place round 3200 Lumens ought to work. You’ll discover that the colours will probably be washed out except you utilize a display shade aside from white.
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