Time Is Non-Existent in Actuality However Is Man’s Invention for Taxes and Slavery


The thoughts can’t understand a world with out time. Likewise, it can’t think about the idea of ‘at all times’. One thing should have a place to begin and ending for our comfort of actuality. However our pondering is mistaken and so too is the connection we’ve got with the Spirit of the Universe, the one and solely God. That is the norm as proven to me by my reincarnation and journey from life to life.

My demise was sudden and superb. Nothing of it’s recalled besides when my ‘being’ floated above the physique, that of a forty five years previous man. Then in complete darkness, utterly black, and with the Spirit the sensation was absolute euphoria. There was nothing to see and nobody to fulfill. There was no tunnel, music, gentle, or magic.

A imaginative and prescient was given of my subsequent life forward and that at 45 years (the age of my demise) one thing extraordinary would occur to make sense of it. Floating then above my new dad and mom as they have been married (a date nicely recorded) my delivery occurred a month later.

Solely in man’s world of false actuality is time vital. Past demise there isn’t any time, no sense of haste or tardiness, and positively no devils, angels, saints, or heavenly kingdom. That is utterly reverse to the final consensus of opinion. So why is that so?

The issues spoken of listed below are recognized by all members of humanity and but they push it apart to undertake the terrible brain-induced tales of false ideas and highly effective leaders. Logic is destroyed in order that regimental management over the lots is secured. It’s, due to this fact, ruled by the financial system, and politics.

The subject right here, nonetheless, is about time and why it’s non-existent in God’s actuality? When one is divorced from the should be ruled by it then it virtually ceases to exist. If one have been to go away society and reside off the land in a jungle someplace there isn’t any week, no morning or afternoon, and no sense of rising and sleeping to the tune of a clock.

The physique enforces its wants by means of starvation and tiredness. So when and why did time take impact? It may solely have been due to kings and regimentation of their topics.

One of many nice studying tales from white settlers in Australia is that the native individuals had no idea of time. Of their world that they had no counting system and seasons have been one thing they knew solely by when bushes flowered and animals turned extra plentiful.

This factors to a different reality about why individuals within the Western nations have been hooked onto it. Sedentary life, as within the so-called ‘civilised’ world, produced programs of alternate that took a flip from the norm. Within the rising cities of the Close to-East the individuals invented writing and information of products have been stored. Kings demanded parts of crops and so forth for wealth.

With this new technique of commerce cash quickly adopted after which taxation and so forth. Time turned probably the most helpful commodity when business developed and folks have been employed fairly than enslaved. They have been now servants of time and step by step this has overtaken the world.

Known as by the Spirit, on the age of 45 years, right into a studying section the issues which have come to gentle are astounding. The deception by which the Institution is run and the lies and deceit of its energy have all however worn out the necessity for a Divine affect. Religions and establishments are ruled by the greed they deceitfully declare to oppose.

Time is their biggest weapon and dealing for his or her lives fairly than being depending on the Spirit is now the entrenched system universally. From the time of the Romans we’ve got seen the world in a gentle decline and now it’s getting ready to destruction.

“And for this trigger God shall ship them robust delusion that they need to imagine a lie: That all of them is perhaps damned who believed not the reality, however had pleasure in unrighteousness.” II Thessalonians 2:11,12

The depth of the lie begins with time and establishments that created faux gods and who assist the creation of wealth and energy for their very own preservation. Time is the product of that deception and within the actuality of the Common Spirit it’s non-existent.

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