The Invention of Man That Is Destroying the World


Cash, finance, the economic system, and the upcoming finish of the world are all linked and the reason being apparent. Greed and wealth creation is before everything within the minds of most who see nothing incorrect with destroying the surroundings and taking no matter they’ll from others. Their objective is hoarding as a lot as they’ll whereas displaying the remainder of the world how nice they’re. What they do not know is how poor they’re.

Following my reincarnation and with a robust hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe it has led me to see the large image. At a time proven to me between lives it known as to take me away from the world and train me what life is about.

It is a easy story however one that might be above the heads of most who attempt to perceive it within the mild of spiritual teachings and the greed that has impacted the earth. That is our solely planet on which we will dwell and but man is destroying it at an ideal price of knots to become profitable and stick it within the financial institution or some funding portfolio.

Can they in all honesty consider that that is the aim of their lives. But it could appear that it’s precisely what they have been put right here to do.

My first fee is to tear down the wall of blindness and recuperate God’s people who find themselves caught up behind a wall of lies and confusion. In fulfilling that objective it was essential to know how and why issues have developed so far. We’re on the point of destruction and the earth and all life on it’s in danger.

That wall is constructed by man’s creativeness and false gods which were created to clarify life and demise. Of their efforts to be highly effective males devised heaven and hell and used them as instruments to rope others in to their opinions and desires. If they might persuade others of their very own convictions, then for them they turned true.

That is why religions are actually so highly effective and wealthy. The leaders know nothing of the Spirit and so they push cash forward of frequent sense. By means of commerce after which domination of countries riches turned extra essential than life itself and all one wants do is have a look at what number of suicide once they face monetary damage.

Cash is nothing! It has no place within the operate of the world besides that the Spirit is utilizing it to liven up an finish. These hungry sufficient to be caught in its internet are overseeing the catastrophe. That is in response to the prophecies within the Previous Testomony that promise at the present time would come.

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