The Energy of Analogy to Stimulate Artistic Considering


This week, the theme of growing your artistic and problem-solving capacities continues with the presentation of one other helpful intuitive method, analogy, which is intently associated to imagery.

Analogy Defined

Each analogy and imagery are very efficient when they’re used individually or mixed with different intuitive strategies, although analogy is extra restrictive as a course of of manufacturing new concepts, as a result of the purpose of departure is a comparability. Analogy may be described as one similarity between two components which are completely different in some other respect. It lets you uncover new angles and views on the character of issues and questions that emerge within the artistic course of, and never solely. Like imagery, this method can be relevant to points in numerous areas of life. There are 4 sorts of analogy: private, direct, symbolic, and fantasy analogy.

Forms of Analogy

  1. In private analogy, you establish your self with an object or course of with a view to achieve a brand new perception on a difficulty. You place your self on the coronary heart of the issue. For example, if you wish to paint on a canvas, you think about your self as this object and begin asking questions: ”If I have been the canvas, what would I wish to have painted on me?” ”What would artwork lovers discover fascinating concerning the portray on my floor?”
  2. In direct analogy, you examine two details or objects. One reality/object is expounded to the issue you are attempting to resolve, whereas the opposite one isn’t. You then use the connections between these two to reach at artistic options. Simply strive to decide on an exterior reality/object that’s adequately identified to you and appropriate for rousing your creativeness.
  3. In symbolic analogy, you employ a picture which isn’t proper, however vividly depicts the implications of an vital facet of the issue. It may contain investigating the aim of an answer: On this case, you formulate a press release and attempt to discover how one can full it: ”… (A factor) which… (features) like a(n)… ”
  4. In fantasy analogy, you set your creativeness free with out worrying about any attainable constraints imposed by actuality. With this method, you acknowledge that your wildest creativeness can end up to have sensible worth and you can capitalize on it to resolve actual issues!

As a artistic girl, have you ever used any of some of these analogies to resolve issues in work or in different areas of your life? How have they helped?

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