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Reiki symbols are sacred therapeutic symbols that open the doorways of therapeutic for its practitioners. These symbols present a path for the move of power and lead one to increased ranges of consciousness and manifestations. Every image holds some type of meta-physical power. In written scriptures, these symbols are thought of to be Sanskrit derived Japanese varieties.

Reiki has 4 symbols, that are: Cho ku Rei, Sei He Ki,Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai ko Myo. Cho ku Rei is the image of energy. Although Reiki power can move with out it, the image gives a supply of power. It’s normally used at first of the therapeutic course of. It can be used within the center or the concluding section; actually, each time power is required for accentuating the therapeutic course of. It’s used particularly for therapeutic inside the bodily physique.

Sei He Ki is the image of therapeutic relationship issues. It represents psychological and emotional therapeutic. It is usually used for cover, purification, clearing and balancing of energies. Reiki believes that, when one catches a illness, it’s a illustration of power imbalances that has taken place within the emotional physique (unconscious thoughts) and the psychological physique (unconscious thoughts). This image can be utilized for therapeutic emotional or psychological misery similar to nervousness, worry, despair, anger, and unhappiness. It may be additionally used to reinforce reminiscence, because it connects with the unconscious thoughts, the place reminiscence is saved.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the image used for transmitting power throughout time and area. This can be utilized for transmitting power into the previous as nicely the long run. Dai Ko Myo is the Matter Image. It’s thought of to be the Mild of the Buddha or the Mild of the Woke up Coronary heart. It signifies expanded knowledge and a capability to see the long run. It’s used to heal the soul.

Finding out these symbols can open the doorways of religious energy and awakening. For this reason Reiki and its symbols are rising in reputation, even right now.

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