Celtic Dagger – A Image of Battle


Celts at struggle

Virtually each society in historical past had their warriors, the Celts had been no exception. The Celts drew their warriors from center and higher lessons and so they had been those who did the preventing whereas they made use of the free poor lessons to drive their chariots.

Celtic warriors lived for struggle. Boasting about their victories in gory element was a part of a warriors’ rituals. It was additionally common for warriors to struggle amongst themselves, and actually regarded this as an vital a part of their lives.

The Celts had been famend for bringing residence trophies, specifically the heads of their enemies which earned them the title of head-hunters. After battle these heads had been displayed on the entrance their locations of worship, many additionally devoted their enemy’s weapons to the Gods by throwing them right into a river or lake after battle. At present hundreds of weapons have been dredged from the Lake of Neuchatel at La Tene.

Celtic chiefs along with the wealthiest Celts of the day wore armour and would journey out earlier than battle in full view of their military, clashing their weapons on their shields whereas loudly proclaiming their nice deeds. This follow was additionally designed to problem their enemies at a single bout of fight. They should have been a daunting sight wearing skins and embellished in blue tattoos. It was additionally not unusual for warriors to go to battle sporting nothing however blue dye, lined with Celtic artwork work, bare because the day they had been born.

Evolution of Celtic Weapons

Celtic warriors are identified to be nice swords-men and wielded them above their heads in battle, swirling and slashing back and forth, then downwards onto their enemies as straightforward as in the event that they had been chopping a chunk of wooden. Utilizing their daggers and swords on this manner completely terrified their enemies and gained them the popularity of being formidable opponents in struggle.


To know the dagger it ought to first be defined how the Bronze Age influenced the weapons of that age. Celtic swords had been primarily the weapon of alternative throughout this period which indicated that maybe warfare was fought on a small scale between elite teams of warriors. The Iron Age influenced the basic Celtic lengthy swords with their attribute leaf blade design.

The longsword fell out of favor with the Celts with altering patterns of warfare and brief thrusting daggers made their look, evident by the nice variety of them discovered within the graves of these warriors had been buried in excessive standing burials.

The lengthy swords turned shorter, had solely a single edge and lacked the sharp pointed thrusting level so widespread in swords. These daggers had been designed primarily to chop, though some had been used to slash. Swords in Britain and Eire turned shorter and thinner and with rising Celtic populations, altering warfare and bigger armies, the spearman started gaining significance leading to a decline in dagger and sword performance.

Roman Writings

The Greeks and Romans had been the primary civilizations to come across main threats from Celtic invaders. It was these civilizations, whose pens fashioned the historical past we all know as we speak and whose writings have helped create a picture of the savage ferocity of the Celtic warrior that persists as we speak, but it was the Roman Empire that finally conquered this nice nation of warriors.

There isn’t a point out that the Celts fought en masse with daggers, their weapons of alternative included javelins and arrows and their protection methods entailed preventing in shut order in order that they fashioned a protection towards advancing Roman cavalries, the truth is Caesar wrote about this and so they used their daggers in shut contact fight, one thing they had been very achieved at.

Swords and daggers had been being utilized by Celtic warriors way back to 280BCE when Brennus led his Celtic tribes towards Greece. It’s fascinating to notice that Brennus originated from a area of Senones that later turned well-known for his or her manufacturing of top quality metal which they used to kind their weapons.

Throughout this invasion of Greece, a big a part of this Celtic military turned East the place they finally based Galatia and went on to provide a supply of mercenaries all through this Mediterranean space, depicts by illustrations which present troops armed with daggers and oval shields. This picture is one that’s nonetheless used as we speak to generally depict Galatians.

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