Can You Patent An Concept? An Vital Query Which Wanted to Be Answered


Patents are the authorized rights offered by the federal government to a person for an revolutionary product or concept which will be transmitted or reworked right into a cash elevating technique or could possibly be useful for the event of financial system. nevertheless there’s one most essential query which is required to be answered. “are you able to patent an concept”.

Usually when purchasers go to their patent lawyer they query “are you able to patent an concept?” The reply of it’s fairly complicated however the ordinary reply of the lawyer is “it relies upon”! To know when you can patent an concept, it’s essential to grasp the kind of concept for which you’ll be able to fill a patent utility.

There are primarily two sorts of concepts for which patent utility will be crammed:

1) Concrete concepts: – concrete concepts are these which will be given a tangible form and design like machine.

2) Summary concept: – summary concepts are these which may’t have a tangible final result like a system to gauge the motion of share market.

As per Part 101 of the United Sates Patent Act, one can patent a substance which is “new and helpful course of, machine, manufactured or composition of matter”. An summary concept is counted as a course of and thus it has 50% probabilities of receiving patent. Nevertheless, earlier than you determine to fill the patent utility type and guarantee that:-

1) Your concept ought to be detailed and should not be a obscure concept about one thing.

2) Your concept is able to bringing in cash.

3) It should not be a pure summary concept like a mathematical system.

4) It shouldn’t be a private perception which may’t be proved by means of scientific reasoning.

5) Based on the Part 112 of the USA Patent Act, an concept ought to permit “an individual expert within the artwork” to “make and use” the result of the concept or invention.

Until and till you concept is able to enabling a talented individual to make use of it, you may patent an concept.

There’s a particular provision for ‘Enabling Requirement’, do undergo it because it reply the query “are you able to patent an concept”. After studying all the small print and process of patenting as your self: – ‘are you able to patent an concept?’ understanding the reply act accordingly.

Be swift and good in making use of for the patent as any delay might make you lose the patent proper. Concepts are intangible and subsequently onerous to guard from being copied. Anybody can give you an concept much like that of yours. So do take vita steps at proper time with none delay. As you by no means know if you attain patent examiner’s workplace somebody may already have a patent on the identical concept. Hope you get your concept patent at proper time. All the most effective on your concept hope you get it patented.

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