The Rooster – A Image of the Stroll to Emmaus


Luke 24:13-35

The rooster is a widely known image of the Stroll to Emmaus. The Emmaus Stroll originated in Spain in 1949, initiated by the Roman Catholic Church, as a small course in Christianity. The Spanish title is “Cursillo de Cristiandad.” The unique leaders sought to strengthen individuals of their Christian religion in order that they may then affect their households, workplaces and church buildings to return into a better “stroll” with Christ.

The “theme tune” for the “Cursillos” was/is “De Colores”-“of colours.” The tune is about all the colours of God’s creation-the fields of flowers within the springtime, the “clothes” of the birds every season, the rainbow throughout the sky, the dawn and the sundown, and, after all, the various colours of the rooster. The lyrics go on to say that each one the colours and fantastic thing about creation are proof that we dwell in God’s grace and due to this fact will joyously carry our souls in providing to Christ the King, who won’t ever die.

Due to this tune, one of many often-used symbols of the Emmaus Stroll is the rooster that represents God’s colourful creation and his nice love for every of us-who are additionally of “many colours”.

The Stroll to Emmaus is interdenominational because it has now come to incorporate not solely Catholics however Episcopalians and Lutherans, who started to supply a “Cursillo” within the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies. It has continued to turn into much more ecumenical as individuals from many protestant denominations take part in Emmaus Walks. The Higher Room, a ministry unit of the Basic Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church, sponsors the Stroll to Emmaus and provides it by way of native Emmaus teams around the globe.

The title for the stroll modified from “Cursillo” or “brief course (in Christianity)” to the “Stroll to Emmaus”, based mostly on the scripture account in Luke 24:13-35. This scripture supplies the premise for the three-day stroll and the follow-up. Luke tells of that first Easter afternoon when the risen Christ appeared to the 2 disciples who have been strolling collectively alongside the highway from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They have been completely preoccupied with their very own issues and fears of the second in order that they at first didn’t acknowledge the risen Christ who “got here close to and went with them.” Throughout their stroll collectively to Emmaus, Jesus defined to them the that means of all of the scriptures regarding what had taken place by way of his teachings, healings, torture, crucifixion, and resurrection. Once they lastly arrived in Emmaus, Jesus “took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them,” and so they then acknowledged him as Jesus, the risen Lord.

It’s within the spirit of this encounter with the risen Lord that we additionally search to turn into disciples looking to rediscover Christ’s presence in our lives and to achieve a brand new understanding of God’s remodeling grace. The “Stroll to Emmaus” supplies all who want to take part the chance for this renewal. And the colourful rooster serves as a logo of God’s boundless love and compassion for us all. “De Colores”

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