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Decrease again ache with irritation of the L3, L4 nerve roots could cause ache and spasm within the rectus femoris and ache and spasm on this muscle will worsen decrease again ache.

This muscle is likely one of the 4 muscle groups termed the quadriceps muscle groups. The quadriceps are the muscle groups within the entrance of the thigh and are liable for straightening the knee.

The rectus femoris arises from an space on the pelvic bone often known as anterior superior iliac backbone and the a part of the bone simply above the hip joint. It inserts on the higher border of the kneecap (patella) and in addition to the tubercle on the entrance of the shin bone (tibia). Its motion is to bend the thigh upwards (hip flexion) and to straighten the knee (knee extension). It receives the L2-L4 nerve root provide via the femoral nerve.

Since rectus femoris is the one muscle of the quadriceps that crosses over the hip joint in addition to the knee joint, this muscle is extra weak to trauma than the opposite three quadriceps muscle groups (vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and vastus intermedius).

When the hip and knees are bent as in sitting, crouching or squatting, rectus femoris and tensor fascia lata muscle groups are very tight on the hip and excessively stretched on the knee. This predisposes the muscle groups to get simply traumatized. Moreover, getting old of the L3, L4 nerve root, harm, or irritation from presence of degenerative arthritis of the backbone, slipped disc, bulging disc are additionally liable for underlying neurogenic weak spot on this muscle.

Because the quadriceps is crucial for holding the knee regular when taking place steps, inclines and within the strolling part after the heel strikes the bottom, weak spot of the rectus femoris and the tensor fascia lata (which additionally has L4 nerve root fibers) can predispose the particular person to falls.

To strengthen the rectus femoris and tensor fascia lata muscle groups, the precept entails schooling beginning first with shortening contractions of the spinal extensors from the neck to the decrease again and the hip extensor muscle groups. The hip flexor tightness is secondary to imbalanced contraction of the hip flexor muscle groups equivalent to rectus femoris, tensor fascia lata, adductor muscle groups and the iliopsoas muscle groups within the presence of weak again and hip extensors such because the gluteus maximus, decrease a part of the adductor magnus muscle and the hamstring muscle groups. When the knee is flexed, the hamstring muscle groups don’t take part in straightening the hip (extension). Due to this fact a lot of the energy of the hamstrings is directed to bending the knee (flexion).

The well being schooling for shortening contractions of the spinal extensors and hip extensor muscle groups equivalent to gluteus maximus and adductor magnus have to be carried out first to return energy to those muscle groups. These extensor muscle groups are the principle muscle groups always uncovered to lengthening contractions on the hip making them weak.

On the knee, the weak spot within the extension drive ends in unopposed pull of the knee flexor muscle groups. The shortening and spasm within the knee flexor muscle groups such because the hamstrings and the gastrocnemius muscle groups are tough to launch primarily. Due to this fact shortening contractions of the knee extensor muscle groups such because the rectus femoris, tensor fascia lata and the opposite three quadriceps muscle groups should be carried out first.

It’s tough to isolate these muscle groups to be individually educated for shortening contractions. Selective activation of those muscle groups is finest carried out with motor level stimulation utilizing the eToims Twitch Aid Technique.

Thus within the remedy of decrease again ache and discomfort, rectus femoris must be handled along with all the opposite massive and highly effective muscle groups that cross a number of joints and are uncovered to lengthening contractions. Due to this fact, therapies should contain the whole spinal muscle groups from the neck to the bottom of the backbone, gluteus maximus, adductor magnus, and tensor fascia lata muscle groups at the least.

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